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LUCTRA Intelligent Lighting

Luctra products have been withdrawn from the UK market due to the UK requiring higher testing standards.

LUCTRA LED designer lamps are the first biologically-effective lighting system for the office or the home. Too much of the wrong kind of light does us no more good than overeating or inactivity. Good light, coupled with a healthy lifestyle, helps us to keep well. Light synchronizes our built-in body clock and the cells in our body to a daily cycle (our circadian rhythm). LUCTRA lamps allow you to control your own lighting and adjust colour temperature. That helps synchronize our body clock with the course of the day.

Luctra Linear Table Pro LED Desk Lamp
Luctra Radial LED Floor Lamp
Luctra Flex LED Portable Lamp

LUCTRA Table Lamps

LUCTRA Table Lamps bring the benefits of intelligent light to your desktop, making for more efficient and comfortable working. A solid base ensures a firm stand, while the alternative clamp or pin fastening reduce space requirements. More…

From £599

LUCTRA Floor Lights

Available in the Floor and Floor Twin versions, LUCTRA® Floor Lamps provide uniform illumination of the workplace at 1,000 lux. Individually adjustable lamp heads can be programmed to meet the needs of individual users. More…


FLEX is the wireless lighting solution for mobile working. Take it wherever you want wire-free for perfect daylight at your desk or drawing board, beside your armchair or in the workshop. The integrated battery gives up to four hours of light to four high-performance LEDs. More…