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  • Saddle stool improves posture.
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How Freddy Fixed His Back

Several back operations and years of sitting on regular ergonomic chairs turned Dr Freddy Johnsen into a chair manufacturer. The Backapp Smart ergonomic saddle stool is the result. It changed his life. And that’s not just because his company has sold more than 60,000 chairs; the Backapp became part of his daily exercise and he credits it with fixing his own back.

Be Active

Burn calories while you sit.

Be Comfortable

Generous cushion for long-term comfort.

Back App Benefits

Be Strong

Exercise and strengthen core muscles while you sit.

Be Healthy

Prevent and reduce back problems.

Back App 2.0 with female office worker

Calorie-burning sitting

With the Backapp chair you needn’t devise a training program to exercise while sitting. Just set the ball to your preferred height and sit with your feet on the footrest. The height of the ball, combined with soft damping material under the footrest, makes for gentle movement.

When you’re sitting, rather than being rooted to the spot, you balance as you would on a bicycle. Your inbuilt balance system and the core muscles in your back balance your body. Scientific research shows that Backapp users burn up to 19% more energy than standard office chair users.

Freddy the Back App Inventor

Introducing the Backapp Smart Video and Transcript

Freddy Johnsen: One Sunday morning shortly after my second back operation, I was getting out of bed to start my exercises. Then the idea hit me like a flash: “Freddy, you can sit on a balance board–with your feet on the balance board.” My first thought was that it was impossible and really dangerous. But I wanted to try it. The solution was simple: A damping material around the ball on the balance board gave sufficient support so that it was possible to balance while sitting. All of me was in motion, and I quickly understood that “this was it”. The idea became protected with technical patents in Europe, USA, and Japan. The idea became the Backapp chair, which I started producing.

Jostein Mageroy: Backapp’s special function consists of sitting with the feet on a foot ring which is part of the chair, this makes you balance on the centrally located ball. If you twist the ball from green towards red, you adjust the balancing challenge. The main section of the undercarriage is cast from 100% recycled aluminium and is deisgned to offer high durability, safety for the user and is environmentally friendly. The seat is designed to work optimally in relation to ergonomics and sitting comfort.

Trym Telje: The unique feature of Backapp is the balancing challenge you get from the movement of the ball with your feet up from the floor. The seat provides the necessary support for the pelvis front and back and is designed so that you sit naturally, with an open hip angle.

Freddy Johnsen: As a scientist, it was natural for me to let the best universities in Europe test Backapp. The tests show the same that I have felt: Sitting on Backapp exercises the muscles that support the spine.

Trym Telje: Through the balancing challenge, the spinal structure seeks the optimal position. A balanced sitting position offers the best ergonomic conditions for the spinal structure, and in balance it is almost impossible to sit “wrong”.

Freddy Johnsen: Sitting on the Backapp has made my back healthy. The effect has helped many people. So far we have sold 60,000 Backapp chairs.

The Testers

Controlled research showed that the Backapp Smart saddle stool can help to remove back problems. Kieran O’Sullivan’s studies at the University of Limerick found that ‘Sitting on a novel dynamic chair resulted in less lumbar flexion and less back muscle activation than sitting on a standard backless office chair during a typing task among pain-free participants. Facilitating lordotic sitting with less muscle activation may reduce the fatigue and discomfort often associated with lordotic sitting postures.’ Read more… 

Alexander Technique teacher, Nick Chapman, likes that the Backapp’s ‘instability gets those muscles moving and exercising while we work. It is now very much as if we had not sat in an office all day but had been out and about having lots of exercise and fun.’ Read his article here.

Study by Keiran O’Sullivan on Backapp Ergonomic Chair

TRANSCRIPT: My name is Kieran O’Sullivan and I’m a lecturer in physiotherapy at the University of Limerick in Ireland. My particular area of interest is low back pain. Over the last few years we’ve done several studies on the effect of different interventions on low back pain. One of the most common factors that aggravates low back pain is sitting for a long period of time so we’re particularly interested in ways to reduce the amount of pain people experience while sitting. As part of my PhD we did several studies examining the effect of the Backapp chair on low back pain. What we found was that using the Backapp chair made it easier for people to sit in an upright posture, it reduced the muscle effort required to sit in an upright posture, and it was potentially important in the management of low back pain. So for example we took people who reported pain while sitting and when sitting on the Backapp chair the amount of back pain they experience was reduced. So what we can say at this stage is that the Backapp chair among people who get pain sitting, it reduces their pain while sitting and this is potentially important as one part of their back pain management.

Backapp Assembly Instructions and Technical Information

Does the Backapp Smart chair require assembly?

Yes, but it’s ultra easy. Drop the gas lift in the base, place the seat on the gas lift, and you’ve made yourself a chair.

What are the Backapp Smart dimensions?

The base is 603mm, seat height is 666mm to 892mm, and the seat is 472mm wide.

What is the best desk height for use with a Backapp chair?

A little higher than normal, so you if you have a standard desk and you’d prefer not to stack it on breeze blocks, you might want consider buying a height adjustable desk or an Ergotron Workfit.

Worker adjusting Back App 2.0 Height

How to use the Backapp Smart

  1. Adjust the ball to the desired position–green for less challenge and red for more.
  2. Adjust the seat height and sit with an open hip angle.
  3. Place your feet on the foot ring and find your balance.
  4. Place the Backapp with the rear of the seat slightly under your desk and swing yourself in.
  5. Let your feet rest comfortable on the foot ring.
  6. Your desk should be high enough to allow for a 90 degree elbow angle.
  7. When it’s time to get up, swing yourself out.

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  1. Dominic Fifield [Verified Purchase]

    The chair is deceptively comfortable, while also clearly maintaining excellent posture
    while sitting at a desk. It has been an ideal and much welcome purchase for someone
    who has been suffering back trouble for a while!

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