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Backapp Smart | Special Order Alcantara Colours

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  • Choose from fourteen more shades of alcantara available for special order.
  • All fabric choices on this page have a 6-8 week delivery time.

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There is a place like no other, where each thing is unique one-of-a-kind a magical ancestral place, where every little detail gain significance and prestige, where beauty has no boundaries and elegance is timeless, a place capable of turning into endless different places and adapting to the inhabitants needs, a place of excellence with no exception, a place made of Alcantara.
Alcantara is a highly innovative material a unique and as yet unmatched proprietary technology, a secret mysterious recipe that combines the most advanced research with the manual skills typical of the Italian tradition, an unparalleled mix of different characteristics and customizations to add charm and performance to every gesture and moment. Alcantara is a pleasure for the eyes, the hands and the skin extremely resistant to wear and tear, light and versatile, but also sporty and reliable. Alcantara is a gateway to the future, a key to fully enjoy the pleasure of life. All this with full ethic compliance, yes because Alcantara has been carbon neutral since 2009. By making the most of any action in any moment Alcantara is the place of contemporary living recognizable around the world because it’s a place like no other where everyday is extraordinary.

Why choose Alcantara?

  • it’s resistant
  • it doesn’t wear out
  • it guarantees a good grip
  • it embodies a perfect balance of technology and tradition
  • it’s unique
  • it’s sustainable
  • it’s contemporary and innovative
  • it’s scratchproof
  • it’s versatile
  • it’s not of animal origin
  • it’s kind to our skin
  • it’s cool in summer and warm in winter
  • it doesn’t age
  • it’s certified 100% Carbon Neutral
  • it doesn’t fade
  • it’s soft


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