HÅG Capisco & Capisco Puls Task Chair

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  • No other ergonomic chair sets you free like the HÅG Capisco.
  • Ideal for adjustable working heights and varying postures.
  • Delivery on stock chairs available within 2-3 days.
  • Silver base and 200mm gas lift as standard
  • Special order fabrics will take longer.
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Break free

Some chairs have excellent design, but only for a certain desk type, on a certain floor surface, for a certain size of person, who rarely moves. Good design need not be so inflexible. The HÅG Capisco sets you free to move and always choose the best position.


No limits

The Capisco sets no limits. In an office space with height-adjustable desks, it can always adapt; the highest gas lift provides a seat height of up to 810mm. If you like to ride side saddle, you can be just as comfortable. Face forwards, turn to the side, lean sideways on the backrest, or even go back to front, a HÅG Capisco lets you move in any direction. The HÅG in Balance® tilt function also allows you to recline.


One design, two families

Why do some horse riders end up looking like their horses? Nobody knows for sure. But while it’s true that Peter Opsvik’s HÅG Capisco takes its inspiration from the equestrian’s dynamic posture, don’t worry, you won’t end up looking like this distinctive saddle chair. Even if its outstretched arms and saddle seat give it the appearance of a carnivorous flower, it all adds up to outstanding ergonomic design.

The HÅG Capisco chair has won several awards for its design and function. It’s not just that the design provides dynamic office seating, because the Capisco comes in two product families, it’s at home in different environments.


HÅG Capisco Puls

With it’s minimal upholstery, the Capsico Puls is an economical solution for areas where prolonged sitting is not the norm. Even if some users like to sit on the Capisco Puls all day, it is better-suited to meeting rooms, shared-working areas, or a home office. And if you’ve ever had a sentimental attachment to an old car, a Capisco Puls might allow you to rekindle that relationship since the saddle seat is made from recycled car bumpers and recycled plastic packaging. That’s also why in 2015 it received the EPRO award for the “Best Recycled Plastic Product” in Europe.

HÅG Capisco Puls 8010 Sitting

HÅG Capisco

Having been in continuous production for over 30 years, the original Capisco has earned its place in office environments where workers sit for hours at a time. It’s a fully-upholstered chair that will provide comfort for long periods of time. Add an optional headrest to gain extra support for the shoulders, neck, and head.

9 Benefits of the HÅG Capisco task chairs

◦ Freedom to move and vary sitting position.
◦ Upright posture and a natural lower-back curvature.
◦ Easy to sit actively in a semi-standing position.
◦ Ideally suited to switching positions at a height-adjustable desk.
◦ Optional adjustable headrest (Capisco only).
◦ Adjustable seat height, depth and back height.
◦ Backward tilt with variable tension and lockable tilt.
◦ Ten year guarantee.
◦ Capisco Puls satisfies ISO 14644 Class 4 and 5 for cleanroom environments (with black anti static vinyl).

Next Generation Ergonomics

It’s ergonomic. Why try to overturn the laws of science and how we work? The Capisco allows us to function.

It’s colourful. The Capisco Puls comes in eight colours, while the Capisco comes in an array of fabrics and stitching options.

It’s flexible. Sit, perch, recline, forwards sideways, backwards…

It’s a chair to grow with. From scribbling to dribbling, it’s a chair for every stage of life.


The Designer

Peter Opsvik Video Transcript

So this Capisco chair, for example, is inspired by the horse riders–how nicely young people riding their horses were sitting. My contribution, also there, was that here on this chair the the rider’s posture is only one of many postures. This posture will also also be wrong after five or ten minutes. Every posture is wrong after ten minutes. So when the different authorities were fighting for there one and only posture, my contribution was that they all of them were right. All those postures were good. My job was to develop products that inspire to change between all those postures. I mean this chair, you can use it as a traditional chair, you can sit backwards, you can sit sideways, you can sit the other way around when you are working in front of you. You can sit low down to a traditional desk height and you can stand like an architect to draw up here. You can change between all those posters all the time. That is the special thing with Capisco, not the horse rider posture, which is one of them. But it was the start.

How to Ride a Capisco

How to Ride a Capisco

What the reviewers think

Read reviews below to find out what Next Position’s customers think of the Capisco and to help you make an informed decision here are a few more.

  • After using the Capisco for a few days Grant Gibson began to ‘understand the benefits and why the piece has a loyal constituency.’
  • Eric Townsend kept going for more than a few days. He wrote his Capisco review after a year’s use and from the comments below his blog, he’s still using it several years later.


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