LUCTRA Flex Wireless Light | Portable LED Lamp
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LUCTRA Flex Wireless Light | Portable LED Lamp

£539 £425


◦ Battery life up to 25 hours.
◦ Only 2kg for portability
– Next day delivery on some colours


How to dispel darkness anywhere

◦ Take four high-performance LEDs.
◦ Limit power consumption to 9.5W.
◦ Add a battery that lasts for up to 25 hours.
◦ Ensure even light distribution and a wide colour spectrum.

RESULT: Up to 1,000 lux wherever you need it.

See the light

The right colour of light at the right time

Relaxed evenings

Warm light.

Effect of Biological Light on Circadian Rhythm

Synchronize your body clock

Don’t fight natural rhythms.

Active mornings

Cold white light.

Luctra flex portable LED lamp orange

Perfect day light wherever you need it.

Even if you don’t have a treehouse or a helter-skelter in your office, the days of being chained to one desk have long gone. Smart employers do not just react to problems created by an inflexible workspace, they aim to improve employees’ long-term wellbeing from the outset. The most popular working environments encourage greater movement and interaction. Wireless technology lets us move from a desk to a meeting pod, or from a workstation to a breakout space, without calling a removal company. With the LUCTRA Flex portable led lamp, even individual lighting preferences become portable. That’s the way it should be because different people have different lighting requirements at different times of the day.

Luctra flex-portable LED lamp white

Design & Technology

LUCTRA’s portable LED amps are designed and made in Germany. And it shows. From the precision of joints and hinges to the feel of materials and switches, it’s clear that LUCTRA did not request quotes from manufacturers on all continents and choose the cheapest. High-quality craftsmanship stand out as much as their functionality.

Flex lamps incorporate VITACORE electronics system. An uncomplicated control touch panel with instantly-recognizable symbols makes for easy adjustment of brightness and colour, giving personal lighting wherever required. Four high-performance CREE LEDs produce even light distribution with two generating cold white (bluish) light and two warm white (reddish) light. Power consumption is only 9.5W.

Luctra flex portable LED lamp-white-1900-2

Human-centric lighting

Controlled studies have demonstrated the biological benefits of LUCTRA’s intelligent light technology, which reproduces nearly the full daylight spectrum and harmonizes with our daily rhythm. That helps us to rest well and to work more effectively. The Flex portable LED Lamp offers the same adjustable light intensity and colour temperature as the LED Desk Lamps and Floor Lamps.

You can choose direct or indirect lighting with the pivoting lamp head, giving the right lighting whether you’ve relocated to a lounge or a workshop. The Flex’s lithium-ion battery powers 4 high-quality CREE LEDs giving up to 25 hours of light and 1,000 lux performance. For stability in various locations, the rubberized sleeve can be set to match the height of most desks and tables.

Luctra Flex Portable Black

Biologically Effective Light

Just as we inherit various physical characteristics, all of us inherit a built-in biological clock, which along with our exposure to light affects our sleep. LUCTRA’s intelligent lighting is designed to work with these natural circadian rhythms, so that we are active in the mornings and relaxed in the evenings.

Having the right colour of light at the appropriate time supports our internal clock. Dr Dieter Kunz’ study of the effective of LUCTRA’s lighting showed that cold white light (2 LEDS) and mixed light (4 LEDS) suppressed melatonin and delayed the sleep, while warm white light had no effect.

You can gain an understanding of your own biological clock and get your personal profile by completing the questionnaire at EUCLOCK, a research project established by several German universities. Our LUCTRA Desk Lamps page also has more information about circadian rhythms and you can listen to a BBC Radio 4 discussion on the subject between Melvyn Bragg and three scientists.

LUCTRA Flex Lamp Design and Awards

The LUCTRA Flex is another product from Professor Günter Horntrich’s Yellow Design Agency. The Lamp was 2017 winner in the German Design Award lighting category for Excellent Product Design.

Luctra Flex Portable LED Lamp Launch

Sebastian Kraus: Our vision is to bring perfect working light into the office and now we proudly present a new product called the LUCTRA flex, which just got the architecture innovation awards yesterday here at the fair. What’s so special about Flex is that it’s it is really a flexible device it’s provided by a Lithium ecu battery which lasts for up to nine hours and this is our answer to the modern workspace. Perfect light for the office–it means human-centric lighting that has the effect of of well being at your working space. We got inspired by the sunlight outside and so we can mix two colors, the bluish light for stimulating you and it’s the reddish light for relaxation, or you can mix that. You can use the touch interface, more reddish light, the blue, or a mix and then of course intensity. Or use a mobile device and connect via bluetooth to the lamp so the office of the future I really strongly believe it’s much more flexible that’s why we call the product Flex, so you choose where you work. Imagine how the laptop change working that wherever you are you open your laptop and there’s your office. And we provide the perfect working light wherever you want to work. That can be the balcony, the garden, everywhere in the office, so wherever you start working–just the table behind you, just put the Flex against it, switch on the light and then you’re in a perfect work atmosphere.

FEATURELuctra® Flex
LEDS2 cold white & 2 warm white LEDs
LIGHT INTENSITY:1,000 lux at a height of 60 cm*
LUMINAIRE LUMINOUS FLUX:650 lm (when the cold white LEDs are switched on)
CCT2,700 K - 3,600K - 6,500 K
BATTERY LIFELithium-ion (25 hrs duration)
MATERIALaluminium, zinc, plastic
DESIGNERyellow design, Prof. Günter Horntrich

LUCTRA Flex in Action

LUCTRA Flex in Action