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  • Salli Saddle Seat
  • Swing mechanism allows the seat to tilt.
  • Adjustable seat width on certain models.
  • All chairs available to purchases on this page have 1-2 days delivery.
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Born in a Farmyard

If he had to choose between a sitting in his office chair or going on horseback, Veli-Jussi Jalkanen would always choose his horse for comfort. That’s what led to the development of the first Salli Saddle Chair in 1990 with the help of his farm’s metalworkers. Since then, the company has gone on to develop the two-part saddle seat, which has helped to make a Salli chair essential equipment for many office workers, dentists, and others in healthcare.

Stay active

Move around as freely as when you’re standing.

Look after the pelvic area

Only a two-part saddle chair relieves pressure

Mind your back

Relieve harmful pressure on the discs

Improve you posture

And strengthen core muscles at the same time.

Healthy sitting for healthcare workers

Why should people who work to keep others healthy cripple themselves in the process? Dentists, for example, often end up with various musculoskeletal problems, especially in the back, shoulders, and neck.

A two-part Salli saddle chair helps to keep the back in the same position as when standing. It also helps to maintain hip, knee, and genital health.

Introducing Salli Video and Transcript

A lot of people sit in a wrong position for their whole working life that results in tiredness because of diminished oxygen intake and inadequate cerebral circulation. Also, problems in the lower back, for example, a prolapsed disc can cause long sick leave.

Sitting is not only about position but also about attitude. With a Salli saddle chair you sit to be healthy. Salli systems is the leading developer of sitting health since 1990. All Salli’s saddle chairs have been designed to improve sitting health.

In the right sitting position the economically designed seat keeps your body automatically in the natural position that promotes health. Because of the improved posture your chest can expand freely thus making your breathing deeper. According to studies the right sitting position helps if you have tense shoulders, headaches, lower back problems, inadequate cerebral circulation or even celulite.

Professionals in different fields use Salli’s saddle chairs expressly for health reasons. The original Salli saddle chairs are handmade in finland of only the best materials. Each chair is tested before it leaves the factory. This has kept the renowned quality of Sally’s saddle chair at its high level year after year.

So what makes Salli the best saddle chair in the world? The research and development since 1990 has always been done on a medical basis. Undisputed research results show that the right kind of sitting has multiple effects on your health.


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