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Varier Gravity balans | the zero-gravity chair for every activity

  • Four positions: kneel, sit, recline, horizontal.
  • Includes soft tape.
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With the Varier Gravity balans, you don’t need a different chair for every activity. Four different positions in one chair mean you can keep using it long after other chairs have given up.

Active Zone

Dynamic, upright posture at your desk.

Healthy Zone

Free to move and free to think.

Quiet Zone

Drifting between two dimensions.

Zoned Out

Let your mind go from you.


Varier Gravity Reclined

Some say the term originated with NASA, and for sure astronauts don’t blast into space standing up. But unlike an astronaut in the ISS, you needn’t be strapped in to fall asleep in a Varier Gravity balans.

Zero-gravity doesn’t mean you’ll float off and crash into your ceiling. Nor will your coffee cup hover in mid air. All we know is that zero gravity well describes the sense of weightlessness you’ll feel when you’re fully reclined in a Gravity balans chair.

Varier Gravity Reclined
Varier Gravity - Man reading newspaper

Balance: the best starting point for making a movement.

Varier Gravity - Man reading newspaper

Whatever position you choose, your body weight locks the Gravity balans chair in place, yet allows gentle rocking. A slight movement is all it takes to shift the balance and move from one position to another.

Start with the kneeling position and use it as a kneeling chair, or settle for the second more familiar sitting position, the Varier Gravity is as functional at your home-office desk as at is at your coffee table.

Recline into the third position for more relaxed activities, like reading and watching TV, or to turn it into a gaming chair.

If you feel like going horizontal, no need to retreat to the bedroom for a snooze—the Gravity balans allows you to power-nap on the spot.

Like other ergonomic Varier chairs, the Gravity uses and strengthens what you have rather than allowing you to waste away. Used as a kneeling seat, it tilts the pelvis forward, promoting an upright posture. That strengthens core muscles and reduces unhealthy back strain. In this position, it also keeps you active, allowing you to stretch your legs or use the kneepads as a footrest.

VarierChoose your Gravity balans.

Varier Gravity balans zero-gravity chair demonstration video

TRANSCRIPT: I’m ready. This is the Gravity from Varier, one of the most, functional chairs in the world. I will demonstrate this chair. The first position is a sort of kneeling position. When you have your cup of coffee standing there, you can with a straight back take it and put it back. That’s the first position. The next position is a usual sitting position. This is usual, but you can use this, and and you can sit in a very relaxed position. The next position, just with your foot push here and then you are coming on the flat side of the chair, and you can lie down, adjust the headrest and lie nicely in this position. And now in this position you can watch television, you can read. It is a very, sort of an active, passive, active, passive, relaxed situation. For the next position, just push again and then you are in the most relaxed position. You find your own position and lie down in any position you like. Even lying on your side is very comfortable. And coming out, its easy, just put your feet there and stand up.

The Designer

Designed by Norwegian, Peter Opsvik, in 1984, the Gravity balans was first produced by Stokke. Thirty years on, the chair generates more interest than ever. Its timeless design means it is still the solution for those who want a multi-position ergonomic chair that also allows them to relax.

Apart from the Gravity balans, he is perhaps best know for the Stokke Tripp Trapp chair, or the Varier Variable balans kneeling chair.

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: My theory about sitting is very simple. If we are allowed to move, we move. You never see people standing waiting for the train, for example, standing still. Interviewer: How do you balance this part where it’s functional, it’s ergonomic, but it’s also supposed to be beautiful? Opsvik: I start with the functional content. I start with the function and the formal expression comes afterwards.

Gravity Balans Assembly Instructions and Technical Information

Does the Gravity chair require assembly?

Yes, the Gravity requires assembly. It will arrive in two large boxes with assembly instructions enclosed and the required allen keys.

I’ve had my Gravity balans for 25 years and the covers are worn out, is it possible to change them?

It is possible to get covers or replacement cushions for most Varier chairs. Please visit our Varier parts page for more information.

Does the chair come with soft tape?

Yes, you’ll find a box enclosed with enough tape for both runners.

Will the Gravity balans be too big for my caravan?

Probably. It’s quite a large chair. To be precise:: 73cm x 135cm x 122cm, SH 44cm

My assembly instructions have been stolen by an undercover agent working for a Swedish furniture company looking to simplify instructions for their products, where can I find another copy?

Don’t panic. You can download a copy here.

2 reviews for Varier Gravity balans | the zero-gravity chair for every activity

  1. Tom Brown [Verified Purchase, London]

    I am really pleased with this chair. It is exceptionally comfortable, and relaxing to sit in, and it is very versatile: I can work at my desk, or sit and read a book, or watch TV or have a nap. The design is striking. I appreciate the sense of dynamic movement when sitting in it. It is very well made. It requires assembly, but I found it quick and simple to put together by myself. I had been unsure before I bought it, but I am very glad that I did. I have some other Varier chairs, at home and work, and I have been impressed by the design, quality and utility of them all.

    I was very pleased with the service from Next Position – ordering was easy, and the chair arrived in perfect condition, and on time. Philip at Next Position was very responsive to some pre-order queries that I had.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5 B Dister [Verified Purchase, Highland]

    Its a very good quality chair, very good for the back and comfortable too!

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