A saddle stool for healthy posture | Varier Move


◦ Black, natural, white, or grey lacquered beech.
◦ Suitable for varying desk heights from sitting to standing.
◦ Choice of three gas lift heights.
◦ All items available for immediate purchase have medium gas lift.

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Standing to work is a great idea …

…until you need to sit down. But whether you’re standing at a desk, welcoming visitors at reception, chopping carrots at the worktop, painting a masterpiece, or even slaving away at the ironing board, you don’t have to get a sore back and aching feet.

Relaxed sitting

Reduced neck and shoulders tension

Healthier sitting

Saddle seat for g00d posture and stronger core.

Varier Move Saddle Seat Benefits

Go anywhere

Compact, portable, and storable.

No inertia

Curved disk base for movement and variety.

A tried-and-tested saddle stool

With dozens of ergonomic office chairs and counter stools on offer in the UK, it’s hard to know what to choose. The Varier Move does not force you to make restrictive choices—switch between standing, resting, and sitting as you feel the need. The Move can function as your piano stool or, if you’ve really progressed, a conductor’s chair. It’s ideal for using with a height-adjustable sit-stand desk, at a drawing board, or as a dental stool.

Place your feet on the floor, then lean, swivel, or turn 360°. The Move chair tilts you forward gently. Its curved base follows your direction so you are always in the best position, able to switch efficiently from one work surface to another.

The Varier Move is super-easy to assemble and there’s no need to read a manual to use it correctly. Its saddle seat eases you into a healthy posture. That in turn wakens up your back and stomach muscles, strengthening your core. You won’t need to brace yourself into the correct posture; using a Move chair will keep you mobile and encourage you to maintain an upright spine the natural way.

And if after years of sitting in an ordinary office chair, you feel that warm blood never quite makes it to your fingers and toes, the Move will help maintain an open angle between the upper and lower body. That improves circulation, raising energy levels and helping you to stay awake after lunch.


Varier Move Assembly Instructions and Technical Information

Does the Move chair require assembly?

Yes, the Move chair requires simple assembly. Assembly instructions are enclosed in the delivery and no tools are required.

Is it possible to replace the seat covers?

Yes, it is possible. You will need to remove the seat bracket and rubber knob during the switch. The age and/or extent of use of your chair will determine whether or not the cushion should be changed as well. The foam will somewhat change form over the years, so a new cover on an old/well used chair will not give a perfect fit.

Please visit our Varier parts page for more information.

What size is the Move and what desk heights is it most suited to?

The Move measurements are 43 x 43 x 51.5-89.5 cm.

You can choose between 3 different gas lift heights on the Move stool, providing different height ranges. All the chairs available for 7 day delivery are medium height, so you will need to contact us if want to order a low or high edition.

  • Low gas lift gives you a seat height of 50-69 cm
  • Medium gas lift gives you a seat height of 56-82 cm. This is the most popular choice ? suited for standard work tables.
  • High gas lift gives you a seat height of 65-87 cm. We recommend this option for adjustable work tables.

For children, there is a separate model called Move kids. This always comes with a rubber cover for the wooden base.

Varier Move Medium White FA0267


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