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Varier Kneeling Chairs and Saddle Seats

Varier Kneeling Chairs & Saddle Seats

Varier’s range of kneeling chairs, saddle stools, and even their more traditional chairs, are all designed to move with your body. Active sitting helps you to look after your back and stay healthy.

Ergonomic kneeling chair | Varier Variable balans

The Varier Variable balans is not more of the same. A few days on the ergonomic kneeling chair will make you ask why you didn’t wave goodbye to your old office chair sooner. It’s not the cheapest kneeling chair, but it is the best value, so don’t make false economies.

From £269

Varier Move Medium White FA0267

Ergonomic saddle seat for healthy posture | Varier Move

So you thought a standing desk was a great idea? But then you felt like taking a seat. The Varier Move is here to help whatever your activity – deskwork, ironing, or receptionist. You don’t have to embrace the pain.

From £349

Varier Gravity Black Leather Black Ash

Zero-gravity chair for every activity | Varier Gravity balans

You don’t need a different chair for every activity with the Varier Gravity balans. Its four different positions allow you to keep using it even when traditional chairs have to give up.

From £1,529

Versatile movement chair | Varier Actulum

The Varier Actulum looks as much at home at a desk as a dining table and helps to keep you active wherever you’re seated.

From £769

Varier Multi balans portable kneeling chair

Portable kneeling chair | Varier Multi balans

If your job means you change office often, the Varier Multi balans is a portable kneeling chair that you can fold away and take with you in the car. No need to use the tired old office chair that everyone else has rejected.

From £449

Varier Thatsit balans adjustable kneeling seat

Adjustable kneeling seat | Varier Thatsit balans

Even if you think the Varier Thatsit looks like a chair designed for aliens, use if for few weeks and you’ll soon be convinced it was designed for real people. This kneeling seat encourages subtle activity that strengthens core muscles and prevents back and shoulder tension. More…

From £715 (with backrest)

Spare Parts & Replacement Cushions Available for all these Varier Chairs

Spare Parts and Replacement Cushions

Varier chairs are built to last, but if you’ve been sitting on yours for a quarter of a century, it might be time to refresh the upholstery. We can supply replacement cushions and covers for most Varier models, including chairs that were previously manufactured by Stokke.